Nature's CandyπŸ’Β 

Squeeze the Day! 🍊
A fruit a day, keeps the doctor away

Isn't the thought amazing that nature creates these perfect rich treats for us to fulfil our sweet tooth cravings? 🍎 Nowadays we can find and eat fruits in abundance, but to get all the health benefits we recommend to eat them in moderation as intended by nature.

Imagine walking around in nature, you would come across fruits in season occasionally, or maybe have to put an effort to find these decadent delights🫐. These treats are then the perfect source of energy, sugars, nutrients and minerals after a day of hard work. Nature also provides us with portion control - they say the size of the fruit is how much you should eat in one sitting (not with the modern processes of cultivating larger size fruits). Did you know modern watermelons are 100 times heavier than their predecessors? πŸ‰

Overconsuming our modern day fruits can lead to negative effects such as weight gain and elevated blood sugar levels.

Our health tip of the week is to treat these juicy delights as a lucky treat! Enjoy every bite and ounce of sweet and sourness whilst it lasts - and avoid overconsumption. The benefits you can get from eating fruit in moderation are:

1. Lots of vitamins & minerals πŸ’š

2. Anti-inflammatory effects due to them being high in anti-oxidants πŸ“

3. Lots of natural fibers (best to eat the fruit, and avoid fruit juices to benefit from this) 🌿

4. Phytochemicals in fruit reduce your likelihood of disease πŸ₯

5. Best alternative to processed sweet treats when you have any cravings 🍬

6. Easy on the digestive system πŸ™Œ

Extra tips!⬇️

- If you do end up consuming a larger portion of fruit, we recommend you pair it with fats or protein to reduce the impact on your blood sugar.

- Also watch out for the dirty dozen list, those are the fruits that are recommend to purchase organic. If that's not possible for you, look into how you can clean the surface of those fruits before consumption to avoid the nasties!

- Our Fruit Mix Cookie contains high quality dried fruits, a great addition to a lunchbox or daily snack πŸ’šπŸͺ

Wishing everyone a fruitful healthy week ahead!

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