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Natural Immunity Hacks which are easy, affordable & effective!πŸ’š

Fall is almost upon us! πŸ‚ With the weather starting to change and everyone returning from their holidays, the flu season is looming 😒 Whether your kids are going to back school or you're going back to work catching a bug is no fun - so here are some natural remedies that you can easily find in your kitchen if you feel like you're coming down with something!

1. Immunity Shot
Blend together pineapple, ginger, turmeric & black pepper and create a small portion. You can have these 2-3 times a day. These ingredients have fantastic anti-inflammatory and healing properties that can help you recover faster. Pineapple contains bromelain, which can minimize congestion & suppress coughing

2. Eat light food
When you're fighting a flu your immune system is working hard. You want your body to focus on fighting the battles, not battling with your own digestive system. It's recommended to eat easy to digest foods such as starchy carbs and soups because they don't take up too much energy to digest and your body can focus on healing. Take a break from high protein diets as those are the most taxing for digestion. Do you notice your appetite usually decreases when you're sick or running a fever? That is the body's way of communicating this with us πŸ’š

3. Rest
This can be a tough one since we all live such busy lives, but rest is KEY to speedy recoveries. Even if you feel fine, doing less helps you recover faster because your body can continue focusing on your immune system. This is also why when we have a fever we feel the need to lay still because our bodies stop us from moving around and expending energy so it can give all the energy to the immune system.

4. Salt water gargles
The humble salt can be so healing! Daily warm salt water gargles naturally kills harmful bacteria, is anti-inflammatory and eases pain.

5. Steam
Inhaling steam loosens phlegm and allows your body to get rid of it quicker. For natural healing you can use essential oils in your water.

6. Sip on hot tea
Sip on herbal teas throughout the day to keep yourself warm, hydrated and ease from discomfort. If you're using tea bags try to use brands that are free from microplastics.

Wishing everyone a wonderful healthy week ahead! πŸ’š

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