How Colourful is your Plate?🌈

"Fill your plate with the colours of the rainbow, what pleases the eye, pleases the body" - Deepak Chopra

If you're not sure how to start introducing healthier foods into your diet this is a fun and easy hack! Take a look at your current plate; what colours are most of your foods? Do you see multiple colours?

If your plate is mostly yellow or beige, you're missing out on so many key nutrients! Instead of stressing over which nutrient dense foods to include, focus on adding different colors. The pigments in plant compounds contain healing properties that can boost your overall health. Each color of food usually contains similar properties! In other words, EAT THE RAINBOW! 🌈

1. Red ❤️
Increases or reduces inflammation
- Tomatoes (contain lycopene)
- Red Apples🍎 (the skin contains phytonutrients and flesh is rich in quercetin, this is great for antiallergy and anti-inflammatory
- Beets (high in nitrates)
- Cherries🍒 (rich in melatonin, also great for inflammation with gout & insomnia

2. Orange🧡
Reproductive health, Healthy hormones & Antioxidant
- Carotenoids are nutrients that play an important role in healthy reproductive organs
- Find them in Tangerines, Carrots🥕, Mandarins🍊, Mangoes🥭, Butternut squash, Pumpkins🎃 & Peppers

3. Green 💚
Heart & Respiratory System
- Spinach🥬, Avocado🥑, Kale, Sprouts, Broccoli🥦 are all high in folates, chlorophyll, magnesium, Vit K1 & D

4. Blue/Purple 💜
Brain Health (Learning & Memory)
- Blueberries🫐, Grapes🍇 & Sweet potatoes🍠 all contain resveratrol

Eating the rainbow will allow your body to receive all the essential nutrients to boost your health!

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