Are you Staying Healthy Under the Sun this Summer? 💦☀️

We're spending our days catching some rays! ☀️Soaking in all the fun & Vit D, but remember to stay hydrated and protect your skin from overexposure!

1. Stay Hydrated:

Are you drinking enough water? – Our bodies need more water in the summer in general to maintain a cooler temperature. It's easy to forget to increase your water intake, especially if you're under the sun you will be getting more dehydrated. This is the perfect time to include electrolytes into your diet - if you can get your hands on coconut water it's the perfect natural electrolytes that will nourish your body!🥥

Some signs of dehydration are:
- dry mouth
- headaches/dizziness
- fatigue
- dark urine
- muscle cramps

If you're feeling any of these symptoms try to up your water and electrolytes and see if it helps you feel better! 💚

2. Healthy Sun Exposure:

Don't forget to apply your sun protection! It's also very important not to overexpose your skin under the sun frequently. The recommended healthy sun exposure time is 10-30 mins - enough for you to soak up your Vit D for the day & keep your skin healthy. If you're applying any topical products such as sunblock, or tanning oils, look into toxic free & cruelty free options to take your skincare to the next level! 💚


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